Biofinity® multifocal lens fitting guidelines

Initial visit

Step 1

Start with a new refraction and verification of eye dominance (fogging technique)

Step 2

Select the distance prescription based on spherical equivalent corrected for the vertex distance

Choose D or N lens design based on needed ADD power:

ADD Dominant eye Non-Dominant eye
+1.00 D D
+1.50 D D
+2.00 D N
+2.50 D N

Step 3

Allow patients to adapt to lenses for 15 minutes before assessing vision

  • To improve distance vision add -0.25 D to the dominant eye
  • To improve near vision add +0.25 D to non-dominant eye

Clinical tips

  • Prescribe maximum plus power for distance vision
  • Choose the lower ADD power when possible; not necessary to overprescribe the ADD power
  • Test patient’s near functional vision with their cell phone
  • Check visual acuity with room lights on

Follow-up visit one week later

If the patient requires further enhancement to distance or near visual acuity:

Step 1

Evaluate binocular visual acuity

Step 2

Check monocular visual acuity

Step 3

Perform over refraction using hand-held trial lenses (do not use phoropter)

To enhance either distance or near vision, modify distance vision by +/- 0.25 D in the eye that needs improvement

The eye care professional retains the independent clinical judgment on how to fit and prescribe lenses